Johann Wolf
Creative Director  |  Ideator  |  Futurist
I'm never afraid to get my hands dirty
making something beautiful

Cars make good metaphors, but this story is true and the hands are greasy.

My crew had come all the way from Germany to California to get this shot, but as we tried to roll it out of the museum, car number 57, wouldn't cooperate. The all aluminum lightweight race car wouldn't budge. No matter where we tried to steer it, the front wheels pointed in different directions. The owner had just spent a fortune having this famous 1962 Cooper Monaco  restored for his private collection and was understandably freaking out. We were about to lose our shot.
Curious, I slid underneath the low chassis. A quick look noticed a steering tie rod was disconnected on this otherwise Laguna Seca vintage race ready rocket. A wrench and a few minutes later we wheeled it out with perfect steering and precise control to position it for our shot. 

Sometimes it's all there, perfect, ready and waiting, but we have lost control. 
We simply need the perspective to make the connection and the creative will to do it..  
Inpsiring Magnificent Human Experiences
The Experience Economy

What do we wish to create with our limited time here and what challenges will we overcome to achieve? Personally, I find richness in experiences; they are the only truly portable wealth.

As an international creative director I lead global campaign initiatives for many of the world’s prestigious brands. I have disrupted and interrupted enough. Now I’m focused on shaping the human experience as the future of healthy and meaningful communications between brands, organizations and people. Experiences are the way forward to thriving in balance.

Connective Perspective

Curious Adventurer

World traveler, temple builder and inspiration architect; my mission is to Kickstart Utopia, remember our forgotten past and discover innovative ways to navigate the future.

I love to stalk ideas, explore consciousness and share insights that teach, transform and attune organizations to their essential purpose so they can pursue their most fulfilling work. I listen to and inspire creative teams who ideate and produce, campaigns, films, activations and immersive projects that transcend imagination and inspire audiences. I lead leaders to their own oases of soul nourishing meaning so they can manifest more.

I can guide your team on adventure that breathes fresh perspective and energy into our approach. Together we can explore new exciting territory, out in the world and within ourselves. I will facilitate creative problem solving by finding deeper meaning, through data curation, meditative contemplation, intuitive ideation, intentional dreaming, collective ritual, philosophic filtration and wild fun. 

Teach  Transform  Transcend

Founder  |   Inspiration Architect
As a creative start-up founder I have experienced the thrill of building high performance companies and creative teams up from zero. Along the way I have learned a lot about people, creativity and how we connect together in interdependent variation. Identifying each individual's talent and unique contribution, then nurturing it into a fully realized collaborative component is the most rewarding part. Evolution is the only worthwhile legacy.
Experiential Ideation Creation
Commercial Film Production

Available to think, speak, teach, brainstorm, design, present, pitch, produce, mentor and guide special people and select projects worldwide. Please identify an objective, outline a mission, send a creative brief or schedule a call to start solving problems and discovering dreams.